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        October 2, 2018 Lesley – Because Why Not? I was finally able to photograph Lesley in boudoir at Sekrit Theater in Austin, Texas. I met Lesley a year ago. At the time Lesley was a voice actress looking to branch out into other creative fiel... READ MORE July 12, 2018 Stacy – Flower Passion Guest Post by Stacy Annette Gonzalez. Hi everyone, my name is Stacy of Med Á La Mode and I’m a Houston blogger and PreMed student on the path to medicine for my dreams of becoming a doctor. It's been... READ MORE June 21, 2018 Ronny Love – The Soul Comes Joyful to the Eye I reached out to Ronny on Instagram; I liked the beautiful softness that came through her eyes in the pictures she had shared. She liked the pictures I had shared through mine and wanted me to photogr... READ MORE June 16, 2018 April – The Mad One I can understand why April Chennat does it; making the long drive from her corner of Southeast Texas to Austin for creative work. It's something I do as well; not that Houston is anything like the rem... READ MORE April 10, 2018 Jovie in World As Ecstasy I don't like taking pictures in the middle of the day. The sunlight gives everything too much of a washed out feel and really doesn't do much for a photo session. This wasn't the case with Jovie K, a ... READ MORE March 26, 2018 Brooklyn Nights – Behind the Visual Essay Good-bye to all that, Brooklyn. I remember a time just before kicking my life into Kerouac mode and hitting the road and leaving the city for good where I'd spend Friday nights people watching on the... READ MORE
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